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  • FAQ & Help

    This style of ad – known as a Classified ad – involves the buyer contacting the seller to discuss a price, even if the seller has previously set a price for the item.

  • Who runs Classified ads?

    Ukbuyandsell Ltd is a business in the uk who runs the Classified ads. UKBUYANDSELL.COM is a Limited company registered with the UK company house registration number 12817165. We can be contacted either at [email protected] or via our website under contact and help.

  • Can you change your registration details? How?

    You can change your profile quickly and easily Frequently Asked Questions & Help:

  • What is UKbuyandsell?

    UKbuyandsell is a free marketing classified platform in the UK and Ireland where you can buy and sell locally or internationally and connect with an online community in a safe way.

  • How much does a standard ad cost?

    A standard ad is completely free. You can select this option under the standard fee section.

  • How to search for an item on Ukbuyandsell?

    Simply type in the product into search bar on top and click enter or alternatively you can performed advanced search on listed ads page

  • How does bidding work on Ukbuyandsell?

    It is very simple if the users need a biding to sell their item they will choose this feature while posting an advert, they'll set the minimal bidding price or they can area a bid on their own item list to set the price they want to kick start the bidding otherwise they may publish an advert with fixed rate.

  • Do I need to register to use Ukbuyandsell?

    You do need to register to become part of the Ukbuyandsell community. Creating an account is free and easy simply clicking the registration button and follow the instructions or you can login in through your google or Facebook email account, Once this is completed, your account will automatically be activated and you are ready to post ads under your registered account.

  • General Questions:

    What are Classified ads? Once you’ve created your Ukbuyandsell account. All you need to do is log in, click under your name and go to your dashboard and choose edit my profile.

  • How can I pay for a featured ad?

    Ukbuyandsell only offer free ads to our community and businesses in UK and Ireland at present however we may run featured ads for our premium business partners on our platform.

  • How do you contact a seller?

    All you need to do to click on ‘send message’ on the ad page. You can then type out a message, along with any other information you need to include. Click ‘submit’ and the seller will receive your message.

  • How do you check your message?

    To check your messages, log into your Ukbuyandsell account and you will see a message notification on top right hand side of the page blinking next to your registered name click on to message notification icon and check your inbox from here.

  • How do you post an item on Ukbuyandsell?

    To post an item on Ukbuyandsell, you firstly need to create an account. Simply fill out our quick registration form or login through your google or facebook account , which you can find by clicking register option on our Ukbuyandsell Homepage. Once registered or login using your google or faceboook account then you are able to start posting ads and items via your Ukbuyandsell account. To do this, click the ‘post an ad button to publish free ads.

  • Can you edit a posting? How?

    You can edit the postings that you’ve put on Ukbuyandsell very easily. Just go to ‘your Ukbuyandsell ‘click on my ads’ and then ‘edit ‘or update. You can then make any changes you want to your ad. Once you’ve made the required edits, or update ‘accept terms and conditions and submit’ the changes. These changes will appear on your posted ad immediately and can be repeated, unless your ad is a featured or promotional ad

  • How can you relist or improve ad?

    You can change the status of your all ads as expired, sold, post status or active ads that you’ve published on Ukbuyandsell. Just go to your Ukbuyandsell account under my ads’ and then choose the option for your ads or improve. You can then make any changes you want to your active or expired ads. Once you’ve made the required edits or update, ‘accept the terms and conditions and submit’ the changes. These changes will appear on your posted ad immediately and can be repeated, unless your ad is a featured or promotional ad.

  • How can I check replies on my ads as a seller?

    You can monitor all your replies for your postings from potential buyers you can also manage and keep track of all your ads and postings via your‘ Ukbuyandsell ’account. Click on the ‘messages ’to respond.

  • How long will my posting be on Ukbuyandsell?

    As long as you want it to be there. There isn’t a set amount of time for an ad to appear, so Ukbuyandsell will not remove your ad unless there are technical reasons to do so However, it is important to remember that once you’ve sold your item or are no longer selling the item, this is your responsibility and you must update the status of your ad as sold, expired, post status etc. by going into my ads under your ukbuyandsell account.

  • How can I remove my posting?

    It’s up to you, the seller, to remove your ad once you no longer need or wish to advertise it Any more. To remove your ad, go to Ukbuyandsell account and select ‘ my ads’; you can then select the postings you want to remove or from the site and also delete them from your account by clicking on to a red cross showing under each ad.

  • How do you save a posting so that you can find it later?

    You can manage and keep track of all your ads and postings via your Ukbuyandsell account. Click on the ‘my ads’ option to update, remove or keep up to date with your ads.

  • How do you share an ad on social media, such as Twitter or Facebook?

    Sharing an ad on social media is a great way to boost your chances of a sale. When on the ad page, simply click the share button option to share ads on your social media websites.

  • Can you include personal contact information in your ads?

    The simple answer is yes, you can. However, Ukbuyandsell would advise not to include any personal information, such as your address, that could be used against you. Although Ukbuyandsell promotes a safe environment for buyers and sellers to interact, the internet is still a fairly anonymous place. Phone numbers and general locations can be useful for you to sell an item, but use a mobile number and town, not a land line phone number and specific address.

  • What are promotional ads and how do they benefit me?

    Promoting your ads: This option is not yet available to our community and businesses at present however we may publish featured ads for our premium partners.

  • Safety advice:

    A safe buying and selling environment is paramount to UKbuyandsell philosophy. Ensure you are fully satisfy and it is safe before embarking on any transactions with another party. If you have suspected any unusual behavior or are not comfortable, it might be wise not take the transaction further. Additionally, if the seller doesn’t have any images of the item(s) they’re selling, this can be considered suspicious. If you’re a seller, be sure to include plenty of high quality images that you’ve taken yourself and lots of information regarding your product so that any potential buyers feel they can trust you. Building trust and positive feedback on Ukbuyandsell is vital to being successful and boosting the website in general. If you’re unsure or suspicious of anyone on Ukbuyandsell buyer or seller, do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible so we can investigate and rectify the issue.

  • Reporting a safety issue

    To report any safety issues, just email [email protected]

  • How can you avoid fraud?

    Ukbuyandsell takes a strong stance against fraud and vows to do its utmost to prevent fraudsters from taking advantage of our buyers and sellers online. We therefore encourage our members to be vigilant and do their bit to avoid potentially being scammed. Firstly, Ukbuyandsell advises you that you should if you can, buy locally and meet the seller in person or pick up the product yourself. This way, you can inspect the item to ensure it’s exactly as pictured and described; you can also pay at this point to avoid any online transactions, or the seller keeping your money despite the item not being to your liking. If you don’t wish to purchase the item, there’s no harm done and you can leave with your finances intact. Online transactions are an inevitable and often helpful part of buying and selling online, and allow you to order something from across the globe and interact with people worldwide. If you can’t meet a local seller, Ukbuyandsell recommends interacting purely through the Ukbuyandsell website. If you take your interaction off the site, it’s more difficult to monitor the situation if fraud takes place. Any suspicious behavior can be reported to us via email [email protected] We encourage anyone to report anything they’re worried about as soon as possible so that the situation can be resolved; the quicker the issue is dealt with, the less likely it’ll be that anyone gets scammed. Communicating with us through the Ukbuyandsell website is completely free, and is safe and simple to do. When interacting with a buyer or seller, make sure you ask any questions you may have early on, and ask plenty of them. There is no such thing as too many questions and the seller should be more than happy to answer them. Ask as many questions about the product as you can and get to know the seller. Additionally, research the product elsewhere before buying it. See how much other sites are selling this particular item for and examine what the seller is willing to sell it for. Use common sense to decide whether the price is sensible, given the quality and age of the product. If the price seems too good – or cheap – to be true, it probably is where relevant, you should also ask for the serial number of the product before committing to a payment. Also, ask the seller or buyer for their contact number and call them at an unspecified time; this will ensure their number is valid. If the seller or buyer is genuine, providing this information in order to sell or buy a product they desire should be no trouble. It’s recommended to use a secure payment method, such as PayPal, to complete a transaction. Here, you can track transactions, view the status of orders and payments and, in the unfortunate situation that the other party doesn’t uphold their end of the bargain, you can put in a claim to get a full refund without any trouble. Ukbuyandsell suggests using postal money orders so that any fraudulent behavior can be investigated effectively; other wire transactions can’t provide this. Other payment methods that also offer this kind of protection are C.O.D. shopping, Escrow services and credit cards. Ensure you track your order. A good, professional seller should be able to provide you with a tracking number when requested. This number will allow you to view – often online – where your item is and when it will arrive. Make sure you research and are familiar with who your seller is shipping with, as there are false shipping companies that will provide you with a false shipment.

  • What kinds of postings are not allowed on Ukbuyandsell?

    As previously mentioned, buyer and seller safety is paramount to Ukbuyandsell. We therefore prohibit certain items from being advertised and posted on Ukbuyandsell. Many of these items are also prohibited by law. These include: • Advertising any franchise, pyramid scheme, club membership, multi-level marketing, distributorship or sales representatives arrangement or other business opportunity which requires an up-front of periodic payment, requires recruitment of other member, sub- distributors or sub-agents, or pays commissions only. We do, however, allow postings that make it clear that the available job pays commission only and clearly describes the product or service that the job seeker would be selling. At Ukbuyandsell, we appreciate that the internet is a superb platform for obtaining jobs and we don’t wish to stand in the way of job seekers gaining access to a potential position. • Adult only material such as pornography, adult videos, adult sex toys, as well as ads offering prostitution/escort services. Ukbuyandsell is an environment for the family to buy and sell together and adult material can compromise the safety our website offers to young members. • Alcohol. This is due to age restrictions and licensing laws. Again, we don’t want to compromise the safety of our younger buyers and sellers. • The sale of animals or animal parts that involve endangered or protected animals that are protected by UK or EU law. This includes Taxidermy animals. • Counterfeit, unauthorized replicas or unauthorized copies, for example pirated software, movies and trademarked items. • Counterfeit currency, stamps or coins. • Electronic surveillance equipment. • Embargoed goods. • Government and Transit Uniforms, IDs and Licenses. • Police and other security forces Badges and Uniforms. • All type of illegal services and products. • Hazardous material. • Drugs and drug paraphernalia. This is against the law. • Items which encourage or facilitate any illegal activity. • E-tickets, domain names and online accounts. Ukbuyandsell classes them as digital products, which are not transferable to the new owner via a classifieds channel. • Firearms, ammunition, fireworks and other Weapons. • Football tickets. • GPS signal blockers. Even though these are not illegal, we do not feel that this equipment is suitable for Ukbuyandsell users. • Sale of items related to hate organizations because of their highly intolerant views and often violent history. • Blood, Bodily Fluids and Body Parts. This poses a serious health and safety issue that Ukbuyandsell want no part in. • Lottery tickets. UK law states that these cannot be sold online. If you wish to purchase a lottery ticket, just visit your local post office or newsagent. • Sale of parking permits. • Sale of any bulk email, Internet Protocol (IP), Instant Messenger (IM), mailing lists or Personal Financial Records that contain any personal identifying information. This also includes any tools designed to send unsolicited commercial messages (UCE or ‘spam’). • Prescriptions drugs and materials and any other Drugs of any sort whether legal or illegal. Prescription drugs should be obtained from a doctor and only from a doctor. • Red Diesel. • Stolen items are strictly prohibited and we’ll do everything we can to support the police in bringing about the successful conviction of any offenders. Ukbuyandsell is a safe environment to buy and sell items and we don’t support or condone illegal activities. • Train and Coach Tickets. These should be purchased via their respective websites. • Unlocking software used to unlock any electrical item. • Used undergarments of all ages. This poses a severe health and safety issue. • Virtual Merchandise and Products.

  • Rules for Animal & Pets Ads

    Ukbuyandsell do allow sellers to place ads for their pets on our site under the pets and animals category. However, as you’re dealing in living creatures, their protection and welfare is vital. Therefore, we ask that you follow our strict rules when it comes to posting ads and rehoming your pets and animals. If Ukbuyandsell believe you are in breach of any of these rules or feel you are encouraging harm to the animal in any way, we will remove your ad and refer you to the correct authority. This section aims to help our customers create a safe, happy environment for their pets. We encourage you to read this before posting pet ads on Ukbuyandsell, or you may unwittingly be breaking UK law. • No sale of underage animals or pets on UKbuyandsell. Like humans, animals need time to develop and grow. Six weeks old is usually the minimum, however, Ukbuyandsell recommends doing your research before buying or selling an animal. • We do not allow the sale or purchase of puppy farms. • Breeding services or stud are not allowed. • Dog farms are not allowed. • Pregnant animals are not allowed. Moving can severely compromise the safety of both the pregnant animal and the unborn babies. • Animals for fighting purposes or promotional purposes are not allowed. Promoting and organizing animal fights is illegal in the UK. • Pet sales to someone who is under 16 years of age is not allowed. Those under the age of 16 are considered children and children cannot make an informed decision about purchasing a living being. If a child wants a pet, this is an issue they should discuss with their parents or guardian. • Dogs for work purposes are not allowed on Ukbuyandsell. • Animal food sales are also forbidden. • The exchange of animals, goods and services are not allowed. • Farm type animals and pets, including all ducks, pigs, turkeys, peacocks and pigs are not allowed. • Abiding by the UK laws, the sale of the following animals is not accepted by dogs banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991: Pit Bull, Terrier, Japanese Tosa, the Dogo Argentino, the Fila Brasileiro; wild animals, eggs or animal parts from protected species; animals and animal parts from endangered species; wild cats or hybrid cats; animals that require a license to own under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act; any other animal banned for sale by UK legislation. Please check the Defra website if you are unsure. Ukbuyandsell’s pets and animals category includes numerous sub-categories so that buyers can find exactly what they’re looking for. Also, our free advanced search option allows you to tailor your search for specific results.

  • Key guidelines when searching a pet:

    Ukbuyandsell wants your buying and selling experience to be as smooth and stress-free as possible, especially when it comes to pets. We therefore have some handy tips to take on board before purchasing a new pet. • Local – look for animals that are as local as possible. You can therefore visit your potential pet before buying it so that you can get a feel for whether this is the right animal for you. It also means the move is less of a shock for the animal itself. Additionally, you can investigate what sort of conditions your future pet is kept in. If it’s from a warm, safe home, it’s almost guaranteed to integrate well into a family environment. However, if it’s kept outside, it may be skittish and anxious, making it potentially an unsafe pet around young children. If you’re at all worried about the living conditions of a pet, don’t hesitate to contact the authorities; the animal’s health and safety is paramount. • Charge – Ukbuyandsell recommends not giving your pet away for free as if the potential buyer wants your pet enough, they will pay for it. How much they’re willing to pay is often an indicator of how badly they want your pet and therefore how much they’ll love and care for it. • Identification – Always ask to see identification, such as a driving license or passport, when buying or selling a pet. Photocopy it and take down the details before you commit to a purchase and sign any contract. Make sure it’s written into the contract that the new owner has to notify you if they decide to sell. • Health – get the details of the pet’s medical treatment and history, such as past health issues and vaccinations. It’s good for the seller to ensure that the pet’s injections are all up to date and bad practice to sell you an animal with a health issue without telling you. Ensure you have proof of medical history in writing. • Pet’s parents – if you’re purchasing from a breeding establishment, ask to see the animal’s mother. This will give you an idea of the pet’s future state, looks and temperament. It will also indicate the conditions that the animals have been kept in. If in doubt about the quality of the conditions they’re kept in, once again, don’t hesitate to contact the authorities. • Age – ensure that the pet is not under age. The age should be proven and if the animal is below age – usually six weeks old – the transaction should be postponed until it’s of an appropriate age or cancelled altogether. It’s important for animals to remain with their mother at the beginning of their life, particularly until they have a degree of independence. The mother of the animal teaches it how to eat, drink and look after itself on a basic level, building the animal’s character. • Studs – make sure that you’re not purchasing a stud (a male dog used for breeding) or Breeding service, as this is prohibited on Ukbuyandsell. People involved in commercial animals breeding are not allowed to post an ad. Also people offering or looking for animals for only stud or breeding purposes are not allowed to place ads on Ukbuyandsell. Additionally, any individuals involved in the production of puppy farms are not allowed to post ads. • Pet rescue center – if you can’t find the pet you’re looking for on Ukbuyandsell, we advise you visit a pet rescue center. Here you’ll find an abundance of pets in need of a loving, safe home. Pet rescue centers often don't charge for animals, as they just want them to find a home before they get put down.

  • Advice for re-homing pet

    The main advice Ukbuyandsell has for potential pet sellers is to visit the prospective home so that you can get an idea of the conditions your animal will be kept in. You can also get a feel for the buyer themselves: Do they have children? Do they have other pets? How much exercise will the pet get? Ensure you see the entire home and garden so that you have an informed idea of where your pet will be going. If the buyer doesn’t allow this, Ukbuyandsell suggests not selling to them. The buyer should also be more than happy to answer any questions you have regarding their home, the animal’s safety and anything else you feel you need to know. Additionally: • Ensure you’re not selling to a puppy farm or someone who only wants your pet for commercial use. • Do not place more than two ads per year for animal rehoming on Ukbuyandsell. • Do not sell your animal for commercial purposes. This is prohibited on Ukbuyandsell. • Make sure your animal isn’t underage. This is also prohibited on Ukbuyandsell. For further information on animal welfare and safety, Ukbuyandsell encourages you to conduct your own personal research. This will ensure you can provide the safest, most loving home possible for your potential new pet(s). Research what kind of food the animal eats and how often, how much exercise it should get. Encourage family members to also research, particularly children, so they know how precious the animal is and how gentle and kind they need to be in order for the pet to be happy and comfortable in its new home. Please visit the following websites for more information on this matter: • • •