How do you train dogs to do hand signals?

How do you train dogs to do hand signals?

Everyone adores having a pet dog, to play with them and take care of them. Besides looking after and
playing with them, you  should also have to train them. Firstly your dog should be able to respond to your voice
commands but dogs hand signal training is also very important, because dogs give a good response to
your hand signals instead of your voice. therefore in this article, we will discuss the tips on how to do hand signal
training for dogs.

‘’Watch me’’ command

The first and foremost step for dog hand signal training is to give auditory commands.
For better training, it is important to teach dog to look at you straight and so that the
dog can watch command that you are giving them.

‘’Sit down’’ command

The next hand signal training to teach your dog is to make them sit down.For this purpose, hold
a treat in your palm and slowly bring it close to your dog’s nose and move it up and down between the
his eyes. By keeping the treat a few inches away from the dog, he tilts up his head to catch the treat
and sits down automatically.

‘’Lie down’’ command

To train your dog to lie down by hand signal is quite easy. All you need is to hold your fingers
horizontally in front of your chest and then gradually flip your wrist at a 90-degree angle downward so
that your fingers are pointed towards the floor.

‘’Stay’’ command

This hand signal training ‘stay’ is more essential, when you are out in a public or crowded  place with your dog. Teach your dog to stay at a place by holding your palm outward at the level of your chest while walking backward.Make sure your dog remains at the same place until you command him to come.

‘’Come’’ command

To teach a ‘come’ command to your dog, you should open your palm facing forward and command him to come to your side by Pointing your palm towards your opposite shoulder diagonally.

‘’Stand up’’ command

Stand up hand signal training command is also very important to teach your dog. You simply have to
keep your hand with your palm, open at your side and then push your hand backward sharply. Repeat
this step until your dog stands up.

‘’Heel’’ command

To teach your dog a ‘heel’ command, you will have to keep your hand at your hips and tap it or move
your hand in a round motion near your hips. Through this action your dog will come to heel. Heel simply means that  your dog is required to keep pace with you, he will only stop when you stop and walk when you walk. 

‘’Take it’’ command

If you want to teach your dog  ”take it” command. Take a treat and hold it in your palm then close your palm and make a fist.Now bring your fist forward close to your dog to encourage him to take the treat.

‘’Drop it’’ command

Teaching your dog a ‘drop it’ command is also vital. when your dog is holding something in his mouth,  you
should  have to keep your hand out in front of the dog making a fist and then open your palm.

The bottom line

While teaching your dog hand signal make sure to reinforce them positively and also give treats when
they respond to your commands. Training hand signals your dog is a time taking process so be patient
when going through this process.