How to sell a used Bike?

How to sell a used Bike?

Everyone has had the experience of buying and selling a used bicycle at some stage in their life. Suppose you have a bicycle in your backyard and you don’t use it anymore, selling your bicycle is the best option to get rid of it and why not as by selling your used bicycle can earn you a little money. So in this article, we will talk about the steps involved in selling your used bicycle.

 Research
 Clean your bicycle
 Re-service your bicycle
 Fix the price of your bicycle
 Post good photos of your bicycle
 List your bicycle       


Before you begin, you must have basic information of the product you are selling and write it in the description box. Usually, buyers are looking for information like the product’s brand, model, year, and frame size. As you want to sell your used bicycle, the brand and model number of the bicycle should be mentioned properly. Branded bicycles hold their value because by selling these bicycles you can earn a 50% profit of their original price. Sometimes, finding the exact frame size of the bicycle is difficult but you can measure it by comparing it with geometry charts. You can also find the model of your bicycle through Bike Exchange or Google Images.

Clean your bicycle

Your used bicycle may have dirt particles stuck on its body so before listing your bicycle for sale on any online selling and buying platform, it is better to properly clean and polish your bicycle. People will  not buy a bicycle that looks dirty and gives the impression that it will not work for much longer. Take time to clean dirt and rust particles from your bicycle. Your bicycle chains should be tight and well oiled, the brakes must function properly and the tires should not be flat. Make it look attractive to catch the buyer’s attention

Re-service your bicycle

Sometimes, bicycles need a re-service to make them work more properly. It is considered good to re-service your bicycle once by a mechanic as it may need a new chain, new cables, and other wearable parts. A re-service makes your bicycle look new and helps it to work more safely and correctly. It also increases the selling rate of your bicycle

Fix the price of your bicycle

As cleaning and re-servicing gives your bicycle a new look and improves its condition, you can charge more money and avoid bargaining.During the fixation of your bicycle price,keep in charge of the market value of your bicycle with enough appeal to grab the attention of the buyers. In a case where a buyer is demanding a lower price than you want and you are having trouble negotiating with the buyer,you can take help from Bicyclebluebook which helps you to fix a fair price.

Post good photos of your bicycle   

Good pictures of your bicycle are another key point to grab a buyer’s attention. You can take a picture of the bicycle either from a camera or from your phone camera. While      taking the picture, you have to care about a few things such as always capturing a picture in a well-lit room. You can also take it outside into the daylight. Take the lead picture of your bicycle from the right side and choose a clean background. Take pictures from different sides to show your bicycle clearly.      




                                                                        List your bicycle

The last step is uploading the pictures of your bicycle online on any selling website. While listing, make sure to include the following information about your bicycle:

i. In the title bar, write the brand, model, year, and size of your bicycle.

ii. Write the common features of your bicycle.

iii. Writing a good description of your bicycle is an important factor to grab the buyer’s

attention but be honest while writing the qualities and the condition of your bicycle.

iv. If you have added any accessories to your bicycle then mention them in the description

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